Monday, February 04, 2008

random rant

so i was reading cnn today and came across this article about the budget president bush has proposed to congress. the opening sentence reads: "president bush introduced a $3.1 trillion budget on monday that supports sizable increases in military spending to fight the war on terrorism and protects his signature tax cuts."

i stopped reading IMMEDIATELY after this. (funny thing is, i just read the "protects his signature tax cuts" bit. i guess i was so frustrated with the name "war on terrorism" that i didn't even finish reading the sentence until i started this blog entry) so, to my rant........... why the heck is this mess in iraq still being called a "war against terror"? why isn't it called simply what it is--"the mess in iraq." i would even be satisfied if president bush's name wasn't attached to it. just stop claiming such a well-planned and well-executed "war" effort when it is simply not that. it all started from mis and embellished information. and now, the administration is trying to patch things up by throwing more and more money into this mistake. this fiasco is not going to end anytime soon (i can't see even a beginning of an exit for 5+ years) and is going to continue to cost more lives and money until the time someone is responsible enough to say enough is enough. we have mucked things up so badly for these people, and any reconstruction efforts seem almost futile. how much longer will this continue? and how much longer will the government keep trying to convince us that this is a "war against terror"? it didn't even start out as such, but turned into this after no weapons of mass destruction were found. what ever is convenient, right president bush? just tell us anything.

you can only feel for our service men and women doing their duty. let me be clear, i am thankful for what you do in protecting this nation, and i understand that you have a job to do. and that that job is totally INDEPENDENT of the politics that go into decisions made about what is your next duty. this is no way an attack against the men and women of the armed services. it's just sad that the people making the decisions couldn't care less about the people they are supposedly protecting.


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