Friday, February 01, 2008

i really love what i do

yesterday, this wonderful feeling/thought hit me: i REALLY love what i do (computer engineering/computer science). there is no doubt about it. the pure enjoyment of defining a problem space and having to figure out a solution. fulfilling doesn't even begin to describe the feeling. this nonsense came about as i was stuck with the challenge of searching for needles in a hay stack in a very large data/text file (about 500 MB). i started to open the file and begin looking manually, then, i kind of laughed to myself and thought: "why the heck don't i just write a simple script to do this for me. this is gonna take ages if i don't." as i wrote the script, i really reflected on just being blessed to have the ability and know-how to quickly write this simple program to do this work for me.

through all the ups and downs, i can say with all confidence there is nothing else (short of playing major league baseball) that i would rather be doing than engineering/computer science research.


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