Tuesday, January 22, 2008

same grind, renewed motivation, new year

made it back to the uk this past friday, and it's been hectic since touch down. the holiday break was much needed, and i enjoyed the time i spent with family and friends. my work is almost completely laid out, and the only thing left to do is execute. more to come later.

i had some time to think and have a few separate discussions about my last post. i am still a little fuzzy, but i guess that is to be expected because there is no quick fix or a "one-and-done" solution (or else we wouldn't have this problem right?). the only firm conclusion that i came to was that there is plenty of blame to go around, so everyone responsible just needs to be patient and wait their turns. i feel that somewhere at the top of the list are parents, media, and educators/government. of course this list is incomplete. the best piece of advice out of my conversations was to make sure our generation is prepared to pull the "lost" generation(s) up (as needed) and ensure that we raise and teach our kids how we were taught. hopefully, this will get things turned around. there is just so much uncertainty though.

p.s. - how embarrassing on all fronts


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