Wednesday, November 21, 2007

when there is nothing else to do..........WORK

i do not think i could have been more pessimistic this morning without simply going to the airport, buying the first, one-way ticket from london to atlanta no matter the prices, and not returning until i felt like it. needless to say, i did not choose that option, but i contemplated it the entire walk to work this morning. oddly enough, today has been the most productive day i have had since i have been back to the uk. i mean hey...why not bust your hump on a hump day??? on the way to work this morning, i had already decided that i was going to leave early simply because there is not much i can do as far as running any experiments. the only other option has been writing. i had some good thoughts that i was able to get down on paper, and i took the opportunity to get my references thus far together and do a nice little annotated bibliography for ease of insertion once the data starts coming in and the paper begins to come together more. now that that's done.....i'm leaving. 5.5 solid hours of work. no lunch break. i'm pleased. i do not have any plans of coming in tomorrow or friday. i'm going to london for thanksgiving and staying the entire weekend. be back monday unless i feel the need to work tomorrow morning.


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i pray you had a nice Thanksgiving. we had a nice one here in the ATL.

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