Monday, November 19, 2007

just going through the motions

the last few days have been ordinary at best. i have not been motivated, and it has taken everything i had to even get out of bed and come into the lab. however, i have been semi-productive during this time. i have definitely not been as productive as i need to be, but i am being as productive as possible (this is probably an overstating of the facts) while i wait on some purchases to go through and arrive. my thoughts seem to be filled with my trip back home for the holidays. i have been very unhappy here in the uk since i have gotten back. the sad part is that i do not see this feeling getting any better. it's definitely time to put my research into overdrive so i can get out of here. i think the countdown has begun before i just cannot take being here anymore. i need to start traveling more as well. this gives a nice break on the weekends that helps me deal with being away from home.


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