Tuesday, November 20, 2007

doing as much as i can

things are still really slow at the moment, but i am trying to stay as motivated as possible while i wait. i wish i at least had some worthy thoughts to blog about. sorry about that. i am trying to get back into a creative state of mind.


Blogger That Girl Boo said...

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3:33 AM  
Blogger That Girl Boo said...

keep hope alive my friend, right now it sounds like you have suppressed outrage fatigue. Is this a real term, naw I don't think so, but keep your mind on the prize and get a couple of magazines and think of all the places that you will one day travel

keep hope alive, and your head up, also drink some green tea, not the already mix in the bottle stuff, but the organic stuff that you brew, it give you mad energy

3:34 AM  

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