Monday, December 10, 2007

regaining my focus

there's a great deal that can be said about maintaining focus and keeping objectives in mind. many times in our lives, it is very easy to lose track of our goals or our purpose for the sake of selfish, "right now" rewards. the harsh reality of it all is that our mission to achieve our goals is not always going to be easy or necessarily enjoyable, but a journey we must make nonetheless. there can be no priority inversion of "pleasure" over getting the job done. we must not allow our concentration to be disrupted.

life is full of differences from what we are accustomed to, and we must understand that the differences we perceive are all part of the maturation process to becoming the successful individuals everyone wants to become. we must also take these differences in stride for what they are---just that---differences. there is no "good" or "bad", "positive" or "negative" associated with them. this attempt at a qualitative analysis prevents us from reaping the many benefits from experiencing new things. to quote a good friend, it's an "exercise of futility" (thanks mhy).

i am still trying to digest this all myself and am definitely typing this with less than 100% conviction/application to my own life/experiences. it does make perfect sense though, and i see the need to keep such an outlook in constant rotation among my day-to-day thoughts. in the midst of such confusion and uncertainty, it is at least comforting to know that you can at least take a step back and assess the situation/circumstances at face value for what they are and go from there. may not have the answer, but at least you know what the question is.