Monday, January 28, 2008

an unswerving fidelity

just a random motivational thought for the day. (nothing too exciting going on other than my work. it is still progressing well at the moment, but it gets mundane very quickly with the type of experiments i am running) in reading through the news about sen. obama and his quest to become the first black president, i felt this phrase was appropriate. i could not believe the comments made by former president clinton about sen. obama, but it just made me cling closer to sen. obama as the "change [we need in this country and] we can believe in." i would not describe myself as someone that is dialed into politics in the least bit, but i share caroline kennedy's sentiments in describing the way she is inspired by obama. and yes caroline, i too feel "i have found the man who could be that president."

i cannot begin to imagine the stress and strain running for president would cause anyone. even more so, that felt by a black man with all the chance in the world to make the dream a reality. so to you senator obama, i am cheering for you to continue your success with an "unswerving fidelity," all the way to the white[sic] house.


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