Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i can see a lot more light now

i had a very inspiring and motivating meeting with my supervisor today. i just wanted to give him a status update and let him know the direction i would be heading in the next 3 months or so. turns out, he really liked what i had to say, and i really began to feel confident that i may be able to finish within the next calendar year (give or take a few months). also, in speaking to my supervisor, i felt a bit more like i was on the "coming-down-side-of-the-hill" as opposed to feeling like there was so much more work ahead of me. let's hope this excitement carries on for a while. i can definitely use the encouragement. i really cannot wait to finish this degree. i have pledged to make sure i put in the hours (actual working hours, not just filling space at my desk) at work to make it happen. i'm curious to see what unfolds.

actual work hrs yesterday: ~7
actual work hours today: ~9.5


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