Thursday, January 31, 2008

presidential primary participation.......CHECK

after much reading online and a couple phone calls to make sure i was completing the absentee ballot and overseas voting process correctly, i finally faxed AND mailed my paperwork to the board of elections in atlanta. needless to say, barack got my support, and i hope he becomes our next president.

as for the information on the web, it was not as "easy" as they make you think. i can easily see anyone that was not that determined to vote giving up as the information on the web is scattered, incomplete, and confusing. due diligence is definitely a must. the last think i wanted was to not have my vote counted for some technicality after spending a considerable amount of time finding the proper paperwork and getting it faxed and mailed.


Blogger plez... said...

glad to hear that you are still exercising your right to vote... and you made a great choice with Obama. i beat the rush and voted this past monday.

10:22 PM  

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