Friday, July 18, 2008

"i'm not tellin' you what to think, i just want you TO THINK"

Thursday, July 17, 2008

do as i say, not as i young people are not having this ANYMORE!!!

messy jesse (nasir jones' tag for jesse jackson) just lost all of what little credibility he had left. have you seen this article (free registration required for he's not the only one that is on this "do as i say, not as i do" bull sh*t, he just got caught on tape. i am sure this disease is running rampant in the privacy of people's homes. jesse was just dumb enough to think he had some privacy in the fox news studio WHILE still mic'd up. IDIOT. was that so important that you just had to say it right there jesse? if it was so d*mn important, then why were you whispering and not saying that when it was your time to speak? honesty is all it takes. you can only lie to yourself for so long (no matter how good a liar you think you are)

on another note, you've got to check this article out. gosh i LOVE science. the article is full of disturbing but not surprising findings. make sure you don't miss how "important" people THINK television is in their lives. this is a totally different red flag for another scientific/psychological study, but it's still VERY disturbing to me. i have been on a tv ban for almost 2 months now (with no signs of EVER watching tv again), and i was able to stop cold turkey. it's not that hard.

Monday, July 14, 2008

remembering being scared of the fireman in his full suit...

i can remember as a child going on field trips to the fire department or having firemen coming to speak to us in the cafeteria/gym (making sure to bring their full suit to put on in front of us). i can remember the firefighters telling stories of children hiding from the firefighters during fires because they were SCARED of the firemen. think about it, you just get done watching television or a movie or reading a comic book and getting visuals of aliens or other "bad guys" that look pretty damn close to a fireman with his oxygen mask on, clunky boots, fire suit, and other essentials. it's pretty understandable. and in the the midst of an already scary situation, you expect kids to come to such a scary figure such as a fireman. now that i am older, i can remember their mantra of "don't be scared of us" and them saying we should not hide from them. all this just sunk in today.

once you think about it, the notion of being scared of firemen seems pretty silly considering that firemen (and all public service occupations) are supposed to help. however, the police forces across the nation need to adopt a similar pilot program to address the fact that so many people are scared of the police. it's almost like they want you to be scared. why should you want me to be scared of somebody that is supposed to "serve and protect"? the message is clear, "be VERY SCARED of the police, because we kill INNOCENT people and don't get in trouble for it." i don't think i need to enumerate the many instances of the police killing innocent people, but i will highlight this recent article from louisiana.

how can this article not make you angry? how long will this type of treatment go on before somebody that has the power to do something DOES IT? in the article, it states that "the certificate labels the death a homicide" and that "the two other winnfield officers who were involved in the incident: alan marsdin and cargyle junior branch-- both are still on the force. neither one has been disciplined as far as we know. chief johnny ray carpenter has not returned any of our phone calls. " this coward-ass (yea, i said it about a police officer) chief won't even answer any questions. where was this "restraint" and "self-control" when you were tasering this restrained, black man?

p.s. - here's an ANONYMOUS and REALLY COOL way to try and ensure laptop recovery in the unlikely event of theft
p.p.s. - just in case you didn't understand the severity of the FISA bill that sen. obama voted for

Friday, July 11, 2008

history right under my nose

so i had one of those "wow, why didn't i know this" moments just now. come to find out, t-ball (tee ball) was invented (however, there 2 or 3 disputed inventors and locations) in my hometown of warner robins, georgia by a fellow resident --- check the wikipedia article here ("History" section, towards the end of the second line")

other interesting articles:

1. you (the government) cannot police the internet. i know the pill is big and bulky, but it's one the government will have to swallow unless you create some worldwide law...and as long as the united states is pissing other countries off, this AIN'T happening.
2. scary deployments of a faulty operating system (yes, i am talking about windows). i am not a microsoft hater, but it's no secret that the windows operating systems are too bulky, faulty, and need much work.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

as predicted, i just saw this on the website considered the Bible for techies

sen. obama, you may have just hanged yourself (either voluntarily or forced by external pressures)

why the hell would you vote for this SPYBILL after opposing it previously sen. obama? i, along with a whole heap (yes.......that's a technical of other americans and obama supporters do not agree with the government encroaching upon our civil liberties (also protected by the bill of rights might i add). i am sure that you do not particularly care for the government eavesdropping on you either. so why agree to give the government this much power? is it because YOU want to wield this spystick? hmmmm, one has to definitely think about these things. but please do not take for granted that you have a great deal of YOUNG supporters sen. obama, and as a young person, i can tell you that we like our privacy enough to allow this to take our support elsewhere!

when will we hold people accountable for their actions, especially a reverend? here is an article about the rev. jesse jackson's comments about sen. obama. also, why do we as a people continue to bring one another down. this is no different from black males in the hood shooting one another. these black men just happen to be a bit more "educated" so we just let it go. it's ALL THE SAME though!

obviously, the fact that the iran missile image was doctored takes away from the credibility of the test, BUT, if it is real, the scary ass united states ain't gonna do a damn thing to iran because, just like north korea after they tested their missiles, the united states knows they mean business. it's like in high school, the bullies knew who they could pick on, the kids that were not going to fight back. bullies never messed with unpredictable individuals. HMMM, MAYBE WE NEED TO START BEING A BIT MORE UNPREDICTABLE BLACK PEOPLE SO WE CAN GET AMERICA OFF OUR ASS TOO!!!

p.s. - for all of you readers that may be saying "well, if you are not doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to hide" this essay and see why that is such a weak and fallible argument that the people in charge use to try and scare you into giving up your rights.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

there's good news and there's bad news


1. history makers
2. Nas has some cuts off his upcoming album that remind me of the kind of inspiration Sam Cooke was during the civil rights movement (below are the "Hero" official video and a link to an mp3 stream of the song "Testify")

Nas - "Testify"


1. how much does it cost you to sound black? (nytimes article, free registration required)
2. what a lot of white people think, but only few will actually speak on it (if the Obama video is no longer on the main page, do a site search for "Owner refuses to remove Obama sign" - this is the title of the video)

Monday, July 07, 2008


- an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay
- quiet, steady perseverance; even-tempered care; diligence

understanding this, we must keep (and sadly enough for a great deal of us, START) doing. regardless of what our purpose or our gifts are, we will face the same difficulties and tribulations that only make us stronger. the tests we face in life are very good at distracting us from the mission. it's like how babies (and sadly enough ADULTS too) allow their focus and composure to be disturbed too easily by "small" things---in this context, tough times.

"i can see the end in the beginning, so i'm not racin', i'm just sprintin' " - Lil' Wayne "Let the Beat Build" (Tha Carter III)

p.s. - it's good to see we still have individuals willing to fight the fights everyone else is scared to