Thursday, July 17, 2008

do as i say, not as i young people are not having this ANYMORE!!!

messy jesse (nasir jones' tag for jesse jackson) just lost all of what little credibility he had left. have you seen this article (free registration required for he's not the only one that is on this "do as i say, not as i do" bull sh*t, he just got caught on tape. i am sure this disease is running rampant in the privacy of people's homes. jesse was just dumb enough to think he had some privacy in the fox news studio WHILE still mic'd up. IDIOT. was that so important that you just had to say it right there jesse? if it was so d*mn important, then why were you whispering and not saying that when it was your time to speak? honesty is all it takes. you can only lie to yourself for so long (no matter how good a liar you think you are)

on another note, you've got to check this article out. gosh i LOVE science. the article is full of disturbing but not surprising findings. make sure you don't miss how "important" people THINK television is in their lives. this is a totally different red flag for another scientific/psychological study, but it's still VERY disturbing to me. i have been on a tv ban for almost 2 months now (with no signs of EVER watching tv again), and i was able to stop cold turkey. it's not that hard.


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