Monday, July 14, 2008

remembering being scared of the fireman in his full suit...

i can remember as a child going on field trips to the fire department or having firemen coming to speak to us in the cafeteria/gym (making sure to bring their full suit to put on in front of us). i can remember the firefighters telling stories of children hiding from the firefighters during fires because they were SCARED of the firemen. think about it, you just get done watching television or a movie or reading a comic book and getting visuals of aliens or other "bad guys" that look pretty damn close to a fireman with his oxygen mask on, clunky boots, fire suit, and other essentials. it's pretty understandable. and in the the midst of an already scary situation, you expect kids to come to such a scary figure such as a fireman. now that i am older, i can remember their mantra of "don't be scared of us" and them saying we should not hide from them. all this just sunk in today.

once you think about it, the notion of being scared of firemen seems pretty silly considering that firemen (and all public service occupations) are supposed to help. however, the police forces across the nation need to adopt a similar pilot program to address the fact that so many people are scared of the police. it's almost like they want you to be scared. why should you want me to be scared of somebody that is supposed to "serve and protect"? the message is clear, "be VERY SCARED of the police, because we kill INNOCENT people and don't get in trouble for it." i don't think i need to enumerate the many instances of the police killing innocent people, but i will highlight this recent article from louisiana.

how can this article not make you angry? how long will this type of treatment go on before somebody that has the power to do something DOES IT? in the article, it states that "the certificate labels the death a homicide" and that "the two other winnfield officers who were involved in the incident: alan marsdin and cargyle junior branch-- both are still on the force. neither one has been disciplined as far as we know. chief johnny ray carpenter has not returned any of our phone calls. " this coward-ass (yea, i said it about a police officer) chief won't even answer any questions. where was this "restraint" and "self-control" when you were tasering this restrained, black man?

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p.p.s. - just in case you didn't understand the severity of the FISA bill that sen. obama voted for


Blogger Stuck in my head said...

That FISA bill is one that I'm sure a lot of people are sleeping on -- even with an election coming up. And I'm sure the ones that have heard about it (despite the media trying to down play it by covering all the other hoopla this week) don't understand the gravity of what the document is opening up. This lawsuit sums it up. I hope you don't mind if I link to that same site on my blog.

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