Friday, July 11, 2008

history right under my nose

so i had one of those "wow, why didn't i know this" moments just now. come to find out, t-ball (tee ball) was invented (however, there 2 or 3 disputed inventors and locations) in my hometown of warner robins, georgia by a fellow resident --- check the wikipedia article here ("History" section, towards the end of the second line")

other interesting articles:

1. you (the government) cannot police the internet. i know the pill is big and bulky, but it's one the government will have to swallow unless you create some worldwide law...and as long as the united states is pissing other countries off, this AIN'T happening.
2. scary deployments of a faulty operating system (yes, i am talking about windows). i am not a microsoft hater, but it's no secret that the windows operating systems are too bulky, faulty, and need much work.


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