Thursday, July 10, 2008

sen. obama, you may have just hanged yourself (either voluntarily or forced by external pressures)

why the hell would you vote for this SPYBILL after opposing it previously sen. obama? i, along with a whole heap (yes.......that's a technical of other americans and obama supporters do not agree with the government encroaching upon our civil liberties (also protected by the bill of rights might i add). i am sure that you do not particularly care for the government eavesdropping on you either. so why agree to give the government this much power? is it because YOU want to wield this spystick? hmmmm, one has to definitely think about these things. but please do not take for granted that you have a great deal of YOUNG supporters sen. obama, and as a young person, i can tell you that we like our privacy enough to allow this to take our support elsewhere!

when will we hold people accountable for their actions, especially a reverend? here is an article about the rev. jesse jackson's comments about sen. obama. also, why do we as a people continue to bring one another down. this is no different from black males in the hood shooting one another. these black men just happen to be a bit more "educated" so we just let it go. it's ALL THE SAME though!

obviously, the fact that the iran missile image was doctored takes away from the credibility of the test, BUT, if it is real, the scary ass united states ain't gonna do a damn thing to iran because, just like north korea after they tested their missiles, the united states knows they mean business. it's like in high school, the bullies knew who they could pick on, the kids that were not going to fight back. bullies never messed with unpredictable individuals. HMMM, MAYBE WE NEED TO START BEING A BIT MORE UNPREDICTABLE BLACK PEOPLE SO WE CAN GET AMERICA OFF OUR ASS TOO!!!

p.s. - for all of you readers that may be saying "well, if you are not doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to hide" this essay and see why that is such a weak and fallible argument that the people in charge use to try and scare you into giving up your rights.


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