Tuesday, April 29, 2008

american press doesn't have a clue

as much power as the major media and press outlets have in the us, it's sad to see this influence being relegated to the back seat (or more accurately, thrown out the window all together) for more "lucrative" news/information coverage. i know there are a lot of politics involved, and i am staying far away from that can of worms, but it all has to stop somewhere. i don't give a damn about hannah montanah or milee cyrus or whatever the hell this chick's efn name is, but she seems to be on every major news websites' front damn page. are her photos that important to the state of america? i think this story is WAY more important to the american people. this chick has been on the front page for like 4 days now, and all sean bell got was a few hours and some half-ass justifications. since the sean bell verdict, it has been said several times and in several places that "a black man's life has no value in the us." i guess this is america's way of subtly throwing the country's agreement with this statement in our faces.

does nobody see a problem with this? how is this permitted?

we've been fooled as a people for too long with mere breadcrumbs that everything is cool in america (and the world for that matter) for blacks and people of color. the struggle is still the same however, but too many of us do not realize it. it's about time we get that field negro pain and suffering back into the hymns of our minds because that mickey mouse, "whistle while you work", bull sh*t is clearly not meant for nor working for us.


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