Wednesday, April 09, 2008

recession talk, faulty airplanes, and a joke of a torch relay

the news headlines have been nothing but bad news and sadness for the last few days, and it's looking like there is not much relief in sight. i's tough not to totally tune out. it's all VERY scary though:
1. recession - what if things continue to tank, will you be financially stable?
2. faulty airplanes - what if this is a norm that just so happened to get the whistle blown on it? what else are inspectors overlooking?
3. china - the decisions of the us gov't are such a joke at times that i find it hard to believe some of our elected officials are educated. how stupid do they think we are? wasn't one reason for invading iraq to deal with hussein's treatment of his people? what's different with china and tibet/sudan? (shhhh....don't say oil too loud). the us knows that china is not scared to fire off a couple of war heads over this way and blow some sh*t up.


Blogger Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Yeah, I'm feeling you on the torch issue. Nobody ever promised the US that it could make war on one continent while having a peaceful and bucolic torch pass on another. It only make sense that the supposedly peaceful torch pass would be endlessly disrupted during the United States' endless war.

6:22 PM  

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