Wednesday, March 19, 2008

right before our eyes

i oftentimes listen to dr. martin luther king, jr. or brother malcolm speeches an am just so moved by the passion and awe inspired by merely hearing their voices. effective does not even begin to describe how special these individuals were in conveying messages that needed to be heard. the dynamics of their their presence and conviction to the cause coupled with oratory skills second to none solidified these men's places in the history books forever.

listening to sen. obama's speech from yesterday gave me a similar chill to hearing martin and malcolm. i heard a passion that america so desperately needs at the reigns. i heard a man ready to deal with issues that no one else has dared to speak in public. i heard a man that is determined to affect the change we have so long needed in this country. i am sure i speak for everyone that watched the video when i say that i was moved beyond belief. if any of us have questioned "who will be the next martin or malcolm," i think it's safe to say that he is right in front of our eyes and stands a damn good chance of becoming our next leader. i had no idea sen. obama that you had that type of conviction in you. i thought i was behind you 100% before, but it is clear that i wasn't. HOWEVER, i am with you 100% to the end most definitely now!!!


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