Wednesday, March 12, 2008

getting things together

the last couple days have been very hectic as i was trying to get this paper into a state where i can begin to get feedback from my colleagues. it's crazy how difficult it is to write a complete, clear, and concise document. language is a very powerful tool, and it is amazing how clear something may be to you but totally confusing to someone else. it's definitely an art and a great skill to be able to write in a very simple and clear manner without being too elementary. i guess this is another one of those skills that one learns during a phd, or any research process. as to the status of the paper, i am one draft away from being able to give it to a couple of people for feedback (I THINK...fingers-crossed).

i am heading to france (by way of geneva) to go skiing in the alps tomorrow morning (VERY early). i hope this small vacation helps me clear my mind and finish this rough draft early next week. i am really looking forward to skiing for the first time and having a wonderful time with my awesome friends i have met here in the uk. pictures and a full recap of the long weekend to come upon my return. later

in the meantime, check out these POWERFUL exerts from dick gregory at tavis smiley's state of the black union 2008 a few weeks back in new orleans, la. check out pts. 1,2, & 4 if you have time. this guy is a SUPER DYNAMIC speaker


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