Friday, February 29, 2008

think - to reason about or reflect on; ponder (a very powerful word for a VERY powerful tool)

here's another thought-provoking blog entry:

why is there not a white history month? be careful of the free gift bag. most times it is just a functional (but PHYSICAL) i.o.u. for others to cash in at a later date. the carrot at the end of the stick can be so blinding at times that we fail to SEE the path we traverse in hopes of consuming the prize. isn't black history just as much american history as the american revolution? without black people, there is no america. without the revolution, there is no america. why is one portrayed as more relevant than the other? look through a high school american history textbook and say that they are equally weighted in terms of content.

just some food for thought this afternoon.


Blogger plez... said...

by settling for a Black History Month, we have allowed allowed ourselves to be marginalized and minimized to being celebrated during the shortest month of the year. Black people are the story of the US and we are there for every story that has been written from the declaration of independence to the current presidential campaign. i don't like the idea of a Black "anything" because it will always serve to minimize our contributions to the greater society... remember, you are performing as a PhD student, not as a Black PhD student!

i plan to link to this post in a subsequent post on plezWorld.

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