Monday, February 18, 2008

where did last week go???

i didn't get president's day off, so i was back to the grind this morning (i would say bright and early, but i would be stretching this past weekend was here before i knew it. i do not know where last week went, but it came AND WENT really rapidly. i was able to cap things off friday pretty well, but i needed to come in today and make a lot of things happen to get the ball back rolling. i got off to a slow start today, and i am hoping that it is just due to the monday blues and the rest of the week will flow better for me. i really need to get the thoughts back up to pace. i am back in one of those moods where i am kinda just going through everything in zombie mode. i need myself to be much sharper. i feel like the work i am getting done is a bit dull and lacking top-quality creativity. maybe the rest i got this past weekend will help.


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