Wednesday, February 13, 2008

catch up hillary, obama's not slowing down

as the adage goes, go hard or go home. your husband can't save you hillary (and honestly, he probably has hurt you a lot by way of offering untimely distractions from you--the person actually running for president). obama pulled off some impressive victories yesterday, and i think it is safe to say that there is no turning back. he is gaining support thought to have been secured for hillary, and it seems like he is only getting stronger, more confident, and more comfortable. traits that will manifest themselves in so many ways to gain even more support from the undecided , fence-riders, and once-fans-of-hillary. the upcoming weeks will be interesting to see what acts of desperation the clinton campaign pulls out of the hat. there are only so many "we'll get 'em next times" until you run out.


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