Wednesday, February 20, 2008

thought-provoking randomness (from yesterday and this morning)

let me apologize in advance for the lack of continuity of this entry, BUT.....i think you will find a lot of the contents VERY thought-provoking and stimulate good conversations.

1. in this "internet-age", social-networking via the web has really taken off. it is no new idea, but, for whatever reason, it has really taken hold of many worldwide. from blogs, to facebook, to myspace, to linkedin, to flickr, to youtube -- user-generated content is prevailing on the web these days. right place, right time i guess. that seems to be the only valid explanation. with that said, the notion of privacy seems to be dwindling. why are people so quick to post personal info on the web that they would be reluctant to share in more personal interaction? although the article is wordy, the point is raised that we must find a way to retain the personal value of the information we disclose and not let it be eclipsed by the commercial worth of the data the site now has.

2. i attended a lecture yesterday evening titled "why do humans share food" by Cambridge Professor of Archeology, Martin Jones (here is his book). the email advertising the lecture contained an abstract that went on to say that humans are the only species to "share" meals. this is what sparked my interest and made me want to attend and hear more. obviously there was some skepticism floating around in my mind as i listened to this guy say with some sense of confidence why people did what they did so many tens of thousands of years ago, but a few things were really interesting. early in the lecture he mentioned how tense situations are when two strangers just stare at one another eye-to-eye without saying anything. it feels very antagonistic. food, however, helps to quell this uncomfortable scenario. further into the lecture, he mentioned being able to see when people started cooking things over fire by investigating the fire-bed remains. he was also able to kind of pinpoint in history when people began "dressing-up" for meals by finding jewelry and "make-up" in these fires. the last interesting point before i continue this post is when he came to present times and explained how television has started to reverse this idea of meal-sharing because it provides a virtual fire. back in the 40s and 50s when people on television started looking into the cameras versus at the other actors, is when people felt they could "share" meals with the tv versus actual people.

3. lastly CONGRATS to Sen. Obama for another big victory. plezWorld has an excellent guest blog about Mrs. Obama. here it is


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