Friday, March 07, 2008

i had forgot what stress felt like

whew.....the last couple of days have been very intense and stressful. i guess that can be attributed to the amount of pressure i tend to put on myself when it is time to produce. to help put this into better perspective, this is a NO STRESS environment. i do not feel any stress or pressure from my advisor or my peers. this paper is not mandatory for anything. i have just put my mind to completing this work and writing it up in order to submit to this conference. obviously, this progress relates to my degree as well, but again, there is no formal time limit or timeline for me to complete my degree (only the time limit until i burn out). i have time. i have been working on this paper for over a month now, and everything is finally beginning to come full circle. but, it has not come about without many long hours and hard work. yesterday, i felt that my paper was pretty crappy, but after reading it again this morning, i realized that it was pretty d*mn good after all. there are minor changes/additions that will need to be made in the next week or so. the content is pretty solid as well, and there are only a few weak spots in the paper. i plan to begin addressing these issues first thing monday (or over the weekend if i am feeling extra ambitious). these additions should make my argument very strong and round out a nice paper submission.


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