Monday, March 03, 2008

a productive but inefficient monday

i managed to get a lot of work done and organize some thoughts in my head and on paper, but there was a lot of "downtime" in between. maybe i am too hard on myself? maybe that is the beauty of academic research, the fact that i have the freedom to prevent myself from going 100 mph from the morning till afternoon? maybe i am seeing more passive progress as "unproductive" or "inefficient" even though it is staring me in the face? maybe this whole phd thing is supposed to take a while or else people would be completing the degree overnight?

whatever the answers maybe, i am determined to press on and meet my deadlines as they so RAPIDLY are approaching. this week is crucial for my first deadline. AND my first deadline in essential for my second. no pressure right?!?! this is where the superstars rise to the occasion and the timid shy away. i know i can make it happen. i just need to make sure i am ready to do whatever it takes to make sure i get everything completed in time for my submission deadline in a couple of weeks.


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