Friday, March 28, 2008

the quest for greatness

thinking about it briefly, the difficulty in blazing new trails is trying to make the most of now with the future you envision in mind---how do you optimize current situations for unknown outcomes? to be a bit more clear, if my purpose in life is to be a dentist, how do i keep myself from not feeling down when i get rejected from engineering school? how can i say with true confidence that i am doing all that i need to be doing right now? how do i know that my phd progress is not a waste of time in the grand scheme of things?

making the most of current situations and learning from every experience help make sense of the questions, but i do think there is much room for thought along these lines. regardless, the fact remains that we must be cognisant of where we are in our lives. success is not an accident, and it takes a great deal of work. this means planning as well. you don't just wake up and decide to run the ny marathon. but, how many of us really do sit down and plan out our lives? have we taken the time to write our goals down (short and long-term) since 5th grade? when is the last time you dreamed? these are all crucial pieces to the puzzle that we get "too busy" for---forgetting the importance of it all. what would your response be to me asking you "what is your dream?" ..........good question.....i'll let that one sit for a minute (because it's friday @ 7:30 pm and i am just now leaving work, FOOD and the ncaa tourney are calling)


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