Thursday, March 20, 2008

beginning to see some reward

so for the last couple of months, i have really been busting it to get a couple of publications before i leave for the summer. the underlying purpose of this goal was to force myself to make substantial progress this academic year and put me closer to finishing my degree. the first deadline is approaching (April 1), and i am putting the finishing touches on my submission. looking back at the self-imposed stress and pressure to make this happen, i cannot help but to feel a sense of amazement and enjoyment at my productivity in such a "short" (2 months) period of time. the work is enough to be proud of, but the paper that i have produced is looking pretty darn good as well. i am in the process of getting feedback from my colleagues before submitting. this will be my first full-paper submission of my phd, another milestone along my maturation into a research scientist. as soon as this submission chapter is closed, i immediately have to shift gears and prepare for the next deadline. this switch will be a true test as i need to both conduct the research and write it up in about a month's time. it's possible, but it will take a lot of efficient work and planning.


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