Tuesday, April 22, 2008

gas and food prices

and i am not even in the country and having to pay these outrageous prices. as i said a couple weeks ago, the economy is getting pretty scary. the dollar's value is already tanking and people are losing their jobs. now, you begin to take more of the weakened dollars out of our pockets at the pump and the grocery stores? necessities that are part of our daily lives.

i know that there are a number of families whose household incomes are being reduced to little or nothing and are in dire need of some help. but where is this help going to come from? it doesn't look like the recession WE ARE IN (forget the economists who are still saying that we are not in a recession yet) is going to let up anytime soon. it just reminds of the sad fact that hurricane katrina exposed back in 2005: you never want to be in a situation where you are dependent on the government to rescue you---dependence has always been the most elementary path to servitude.


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