Wednesday, April 16, 2008

learning how NOT to do things

i think i have finally figured this phd mumbo-jumbo out. it's all about figuring out how to be more thorough and correct as an independent thinker the FIRST time around.

i seems that most of my learning is in the form of "oh you did this or that wrong, what you need to do is this and consider these other possibilities as well." looking on the bright side, at least i am surrounded by people with the experience and knowledge to provide me with this knowledge now rather than figuring out my mistakes MUCH later down the road.

my deadline is approaching, and i haven't even decided what i want to test with my experiments. this is mainly because i have been EXTREMELY careless in trying to rush some things, and as a result, i continue to waste time i don't have doing things over and over again.

it's taking everything i have not to feel like the biggest idiot on the planet. there is no excuse for the weeks i have wasted.........NONE!!! (rookie mistakes)


Blogger Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Oh well. It's inevitable that the first time we do a Ph.D. we're going to be rookies at it. But look at the bright side! When you do your second Ph.D. you'll have all of this down from the very beginning! :)

I sometimes think that I never would have felt so much anxiety in second grade if I'd known everything then that I know now. But life and our own ambition keep promoting us to our level of incompetence, or at least to a level at which we feel challenged.

Come on! Admit it! If this process were easy, you'd be bored stiff and you'd be looking forward to your post-graduate work or your next job with immense impatience, already tired of this process which no longer presented a challenge?

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