Monday, April 14, 2008

the conclusion

sorry i had to stop mid-thought last night, but here goes the rest

the last week and a half has been spent writing a relatively small program to generate a much lower-level trace of computer activity from a higher-level trace. the program i am writing "replays" the higher-level trace and captures the replayed activity at a much finer-grained level. make sense?.........good. my first mistake was thinking that this was going to be quick and easy. i mean, why not? it sounds simple right? if only i could express the pain, frustration, confusion, and anger experienced during this period of time. i could not stop myself from thinking that "i am going through this much pain MERELY to create a simple data set. i haven't even gotten to the point where i start testing my real work (the clever algorithm that manipulates the low-level data set once i have it)." however, seeing that i could not find a data set online that i could download and use, maybe few people if any have what i need and creating this special data set may be research-worthy after all. (thanks to my house-mate for pointing this out to me). last night, all the pain came to an end as i was able to figure out why i could not successfully create the data set. turns out, one line of code was causing me to use WAY too much memory. the minor issues described last night were (THANKFULLY) minor, and i was able to fix those this morning. those modifications just made my "replay" more accurate and representative of the initial transactions encountered on the machine that generated the high-level trace i am using., i have to re-focus on getting everything (measure effectiveness of my "improvements", implement them on a real system, run experiments, and write 14 two-column pages) accomplished before may 8th (the paper submission deadline). insane, i know. but, the motivation and intensity i have right now will propel though the all-nighters i have ahead for the next 2-3 weeks. hopefully my blog won't suffer too much, but if i am absent, just know i am making it happen.

want to see what true genius looked like?


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