Monday, June 23, 2008

accountability & dependability (i think i have posted with this title before)

what does your word mean? if you say it. otherwise shut the hell up about it. PERIOD. if most people knew how easy it is for me to not mess with you for the simple fact that you are not dependable, they probably wouldn't say anything around me for fear that i would cut them off because they said they were bringing the chewing gum and forgot it. i believe this is the underlying cause for colored people time. there's no accountability. once you start knocking heads off, you either get people on the right track or you simply leave them at the station. it's as simple as being courteous, but people are only concerned with themselves these days and it is getting much worse. people cannot wear the other person's shoe for some reason. how hard is it to think about how you would feel if you were in the other person's situation? and then you wonder why nobody believes you (or even worse) laughs in your face when you say you are "about to do ." because we all know you are full of sh*t and just talking for the sake of talking. doers don't talk, doers DO. people that are not doers TALK, because they don't know or don't want (probably the latter) to do (because doing requires sacrifice...and that is damn near impossible for a large population of individuals).

interesting articles:
1. it's a hindrance for smart kids to help not so smart kids (nytimes article, free registration required)
2. cute picture


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