Thursday, July 27, 2006


on my path to social and racial enlightenment, i have dedicated myself to reversing the brainwashing caused by society and many american institutions. it is not until you really take the time to and think about all of the unconscious thoughts/judgments and perceptions that we have, that you can understand how society (rather, the powers that be) has forced his way upon us and into our subconscious (the most dangerous and powerful may i add) minds. i had one of these judgments slip out while at lunch today and quickly caught myself. i felt so ignorant and was disappointed in myself for not being able to control what came out of my mouth at that very instance. i guess that means i need to work harder.

on a lighter note, my research is crystallizing, and i have made some good progress these last two days. my program is coming along and the plan for tomorrow is to increase functionality. tomorrow is filled yet again with uncharted programming paths, but i am up for the challenge.

p.s. - the US gives up control of the web.....who would have thought?


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