Monday, July 10, 2006

uc berkeley, here i come

it's so wonderful to be back home and be with all my friends and family. i have only been home for about 3 weeks, but it seems like forever, and my time in cambridge is like a faint dream. it's REALLY weird. anyway, i leave for berkeley thursday, and i have been procrastinating on doing the reading that i need to before i arrive. i have done a good bit in cambridge, but i need to refresh my memory. i am really hoping the experience will be beneficial and interesting at the same time.

i have worked a little on my first-year report since being back home, however, i have not gotten as far as i planned to be at this point. i think that is what i will do today, work on my report and do the RAMP reading for berkeley.

meanwhile, back in the us, i am enjoying 500 mL cans of soda, large portions of food and drink at fast food joints, and all of the other large-scale american amenitites we enjoy everyday. how i missed home.


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