Tuesday, July 18, 2006

therapy in talking

i am filled with so many emotions (school-related and personal) at the moment, and i really am at a confused stage in my life. in the midst of all this, i am having to seriously focus on my research (whatever that is) here at berkeley. luckily, everyone has been awesome. i cannot seem to put my finger on what exactly has me so preoccupied mentally, but i am confident that it is a number of things. the one fact that has been at the front of my mind persistently lately is the fact that i want to be finished with school and be a real adult. being a broke student is not fun and it has gotten super old (bay area tribute). anyway, i will not go into all the things floating around in the abyss that i call my mind.

the important point that i wanted to make was that i got a chance to sit down at starbucks with one of my best friends and fraternity brothers, pierce minor, and we talked for about an hour and a half about all kinds of stuff-life, relationships, people, america's racial and social climate, and the list goes on. what started out as a meaningless conversation over coffee turned into a therapy session for the both of us. this post seems directionless to me.......sorry..........i just felt that this was the right thing to write.

thanks for being an awesome friend pierce.


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