Wednesday, July 26, 2006

the journey begins

i started writing the program that will be the base for the rest of my research here at berkeley (assuming that my research does not change....*fingers crossed*). this is by far, the largest project i have ever undertaken. granted, my thesis work will require much more work (or else it would not be called a thesis.......duh anthony), but up to now, i have not written such a large application on my own. this morning went really well, and i made a lot of progress, but this afternoon, i spent about 3 hours modifying my initial program for more scalable uses. don't tell anybody, but these changes should have taken all of 5-10 minutes depending on how fast i typed. anyway, it was a great learning opportunity for me to brush up on my c programming (i just wish that i would have remembered more). one good thing i am proud of myself for was that i did not ask anyone. between my memory and the glorious internet, i figured it out. you gotta love it.


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