Thursday, July 20, 2006

you never know whose watching

they say your character is demonstrated during those times when no one is watching.....or at least when you think no one is. and it is these impressions that stay at the from of the minds of those watching you. BUT, how does prejudice affect one's perception of right/truth?

sometimes.......who am i kidding.......a lot of times i forget where i am in my life. i tend to focus on where i want to be/what i don't have now instead of being thankful where i am. things haven't been all good, but definitely a lot more good than bad. i often wonder how others see me. what impression do i give? am i one of those special individuals that have distinguishable characteristics that people remember? what does the person think (how do they view me and my character and me as a person) that sees me in those times when i think no one is watching?

i started this blog as a means of telling the story of the many emotions and situations that one goes through as a graduate student; however, i know that i have done more complaining than telling. my apologies for this. i am definitely working on that, but it is going to take more maturity on my part. i promised myself that i would keep this blog semi-professional and pertaining to my research (without being too nerdy) seeing that is is on my school webpage, and i never know who may be reading this. it turns out that i have more readers than i thought (thanks).

sorry for the disconnect in this entry. i have been rather scatter-brained lately. (also, as i was getting ready to submit this post, i deleted it by accident.....i tried to recreate it, but in my extreme frustration, it is slightly different from the original.)

p.s. - for those that grew up in love with mario brothers as i did


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