Monday, April 10, 2006

one of those days

nothing seemed to go right for me today. in particular, i am in a POINTLESS email conversation with one of the computing officers. i asked for a small favor, and instead of just answering yes or no, he somehow got the impression that i cared to hear his opinion. i emailed another gentleman a week ago about sending me some information, and i had to follow up today in order to get a response. it came less than 5 minutes after i mailed him. so, it is obvious that he just forgot. and finally, i need to ask some of my colleagues for some help, but i am tired of bothering others for today. the few times that i have asked for help, the helpers were in a "point me in the right direction" mood as opposed to really helping me. i could see if i was asking for help on how to solve a problem that deals with my phd, but i need help with getting a tool to work. why do i have to spend time figuring this out when this has nothing to do with my phd. it's a waste of time. and there are people around that can get me going in less than 10 minutes. i think i'll cut my losses before my blood-pressure rises anymore. i'm calling it a day, and hopefully tomorrow will be better.


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