Thursday, April 06, 2006

will the brainstorming be in vain?

i spent a good bit of today talking and thinking about the whole power consumption issue and my data collection approach. the feedback i got was excellent, and it sparked a lot of ideas. however, i need to get to a point where i am confident in my own approaches enough to be able to take in ideas from other people and use them to mold my own thoughts/plans/ideas instead of abandoning mine and adopting someone else's. i know this will all come with time and confidence that i will develop as i progress, but right now it can be difficult to let the ideas of others only be food for thought and not become my thoughts. don't get me wrong......the ideas that others are providing have been great, and most of the time, better than my own. so, it is not like i am giving up steak and eggs for ham sandwiches...but, it's the other way around at this point. i will just feel better when i am at a point where my ham sandwiches become steak and eggs. this is why i spent all afternoon writing down my own ideas and trying to understand where i wanted to take things next with my research. that's why i say that i hope it was not all in vain because i am long overdue for some steak!!!

p.s. - a major right hook for evolutionists in the evolution vs. creationism saga

did Judas betray Jesus at his request?


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