Friday, March 24, 2006

he's back(physically and mentally)

from the dates on my posts, you can see that it has been a while since i have taken time to write an entry. in fact, it has been a while since i have come to the office. i needed the break. donnie came to visit me and we spent a day in london and a day in amsterdam. it was great. thanks db.

work was just like i left it last. i came in with so much to do, and the list just grew longer as the day went on. i was overwhelmed at first, but i was able to remain calm and take care of business. one of my colleagues stopped me in the hallway with an idea that was GREAT!!! it sparked many thoughts, and of course, more things to do today. although it was a hectic day. i have a refreshed motivation and renewed spirits. i have much more reading to do, but all of this ties in my proposed topic for my phd (low-power architecture design). i might actually be able to start running some very interesting tests in the near future if i can get the hardware setup in the coming days. it feels great to really be back into research phd mode and not just doing "filler" projects that have little or no merit in the long run. maybe a page or two in my thesis at most. we'll see. wish me luck.

p.s. - pics on my website have been updated. check 'em out if you get a chance.


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