Friday, March 10, 2006

happy birthday to me / those unexpected events mean the most

yes, it's my birthday. 24 years!!!

ok ok, let's get to it already. i am not that important yet for the whole world to pause on my birthday. i still had to come to the office and do some work. i met with my advisor this morning and came out of the meeting with the same feeling of information overload, slight depression, and a sense of overwhelming mixed all together. it is unbelievable how i as a student struggle for just ONE idea, and my advisor is full of them. we seem to be agreeing on the same focus for my topic, but see slightly different at times. nothing major though.

this fpga synthesis process continues to be a pain in the rear. i think i may have made some headway in solving the issues a few moments ago. we'll see monday. i am waiting on some parts for the short-range location system. hopefully, they will be in next week. i really would like to get this done and out of the way so i can focus totally on the multicore architecture stuff.

i sat down with one of my colleagues here in my group today, and had the most meaningful conversation i have had with anyone here in cambridge. we sat down to discuss the design of some experiments to collect some REALLY useful data. however, once we finished talking, he asked how i was finding cambridge. knowing that this was not some weak attempt at random conversation, i answered candidly, and the conversation took off from there. turns out, he has experienced the exact same feelings and thoughts that i have in my six months here (not sure what these are?.....try reading the blog from the beginning. they are all there). it was really a sigh of relief as i sometimes think that i am all alone in feeling/seeing things the way i do. this is the type of genuine friendship and conversation that has been LACKING in my life since i have been here. thanks for your help. this was just another one of those situations where you know God has placed someone around you to provide the support, comfort, or whatever you may be needing. thanks for a great birthday gift God!!!

p.s. - thank you to all my friends and family for the well wishes and gifts on my bday


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