Thursday, March 02, 2006

a time for thought and reflection

ok, so i am sitting at my desk this morning, and i just had a flow of ideas and thoughts running through my mind. some were related to my work and research, but most were just about life, me as a person, and my future. it was really random and caught me off guard, however, i did lend a few moments to entertain these thoughts. as you grow older, you learn so much about people and human nature, BUT you never really quite know what to expect out of others sometimes (or yourself for that matter). well, let me take that back. i don't want to over-generalize. i don't know what to expect of myself sometimes. anyhow, i began to think about all the times you are listening to people talk and you find yourself trying to filter the truth from the bs. do people that exaggerate things honestly know that they are fabricated their stories or is it just natural.....if such a thing can be called natural. at what age/point in life do people begin this? why does it start? what is the objective? i apologize for being scatter-brained, but i just wanted to get some of the key points on paper before i forgot. i can see why cambridge has bread so many bright intellectuals. the town is strategically bubble-ized so all you do is study and think. i just realized that this post didn't seem to go anywhere. maybe i can bring all this together tomorrow.


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Blogger HER said...

I believe it happens at the age when we learn the true power of our words. One could argue that this happens at various ages for different people, no specific age range. But on the other hand maybe it is something that is innate from the time we learn to talk. We throw tantrums to get what we want, we lie to our parents to hide something/some behavior, we tease other kids to be little them and make ourselves feel better. As adults don’t we embellish our conversations to achieve all of the same things in one form or another? This is the bs that feels the mindless chatter that we hear all day. I ask you this, is it worst to embellish the truth or to hide it all together?

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