Wednesday, February 22, 2006

berkeley, here i come.......hopefully

i made a bit more progress today with my processor design, but there are still some malfunctions that i need to account for. i am also in the process of securing an internship this summer at berkeley. i would be working with David Patterson and many other academic and industry leaders on a multicore hardware project. if the work is anything like i envision, this internship would be a dream come true for my phd work. i pulled some more papers to read off of the web. after meeting with my supervisor yesterday, i need to look at the xen project here in the computer lab. this is work being done by the systems research group downstairs. the xen project is a way to "virtualize" hardware resources. as of right now, i see this as a way to dynamically allocate and manage a multicore/multi-server environment with the aims of energy efficiency.


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