Thursday, February 16, 2006

back on the progress train

it's amazing how having purpose each day gives you energy. one would think that having nothing to do would create more joy and energy. my project and my processor are coming along just fine. i made a great deal of progress today on my processor, but i am still a few days away from having a working model. i am eager to see where my work takes me once i finish this initial design, and then incorporate more functionality later on. i think at this point i need to really sit and think before continuing on my processor to make sure that i don't forget anything that would cause me more headache in the end. i guess this is what engineering/computer science is all about - thinking of ALL possible worst-case scenarios and preventing them from crashing everything. as an undergrad, partial credit was rewards you for almost getting everything right. as a postgrad, partial credit exposes all of the extra work that you still have to do (or conveniently "forgot" because of time or difficulties in the solution).

p.s. - for all you waffle house lovers out there, check this out:


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