Tuesday, January 31, 2006

just now leaving the office

ok, friday was a very boring day as you may remember. but 20 minutes before i was planning to leave the office on friday, i got all the parts that i had been waiting on. somehow, i got the bright idea to stay and work on some things instead of leaving as i had prepared to. BIG MISTAKE. of course, i got stumped and could not get something to work, and anybody that knows me, knows that it is like pulling teeth to get me to leave in the middle of something. ESPECIALLY, if it is something that i am having a problem figuring out. to make a long story short, i left the office on friday at about 10 after 6 pm instead of at 4 pm. ok, fast forward to today. it's 10 minutes to 9 pm, and i am just leaving the office. and to think, today started off so well. i got to the office early this morning and was able to solve the problem that stumped me on friday. as i am cruising along, i begin to think of some things that i may need to incorporate into my project. i write down all of these ideas, and for most, i come up with solutions. i am cruising along just fine. then, about noon, i run into a brick wall. and, if you haven't figured it out already, i am just now leaving the office and STILL have not figured out a solution. not a very happy camper right now, but i am out of ideas at the moment. it is pointless for me to stay longer and keep going in circles. the WRONG circles at that. to top it all off, i am starving.


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