Tuesday, February 21, 2006

working out the bugs

still on the motivational high from friday, i came into the office today with the intentions of making more progress on my design. there were a few bugs with my basic operations that i was able to work out, and then i began to introduce more common hazard-producing instructions (i.e. - branches and jumps). i have introduced the instructions, but there is still some more work that i need to do to prevent malfunctions depending on arithmetic results. i hope to be done with the entire design by the week's end if this pace continues. as for the basketball varsity match this past sunday, well.......................we lost, but oxford (the school and the city) are beautiful. it has a much more "city-like" feel than cambridge. there is also a much more lively nightlife as well. one of my friends from georgia tech (a marshall scholar) was at the match, so i will definitely have to get back and visit when i have more time to get a formal tour.


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