Saturday, February 18, 2006

end of a good week

wow, things sure can come together nicely sometimes. the first phase of my processor is complete!!! i need to test more on monday, but it seems to be working as designed/expected. i also need to introduced more functionality and hazard detection once i know it works properly for this simplified instruction set. i was very pleased to be able to finish this this week (anticipated a 2-3 week job). i finally received my altera development board today (after about 4 months of waiting). the timing is perfect because once i finish my processor design, i can download it onto the altera chip and begin working on my long-term project for this year. my short-range location project is coming along well too. i am still testing battery life, but i am hoping that the test will provide some good results to continue working from. i am very pleased at how things seem to be falling into place at the moment. let's hope this lasts a bit longer. we (the basketball team) play oxford in the varsity match this weekend. hopefully, a thorough thrashing of them will cap off what has been a great week so far. i hope to get some good pictures of their campus as well. stay tuned. things are getting exciting.

p.s. - happy birthday g (i am one of the few people that knew your birthday without the assistance of the facebook


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