Thursday, February 23, 2006

it's not how you start, but how you finish

things were pretty slow and boring this morning, but somehow, i was able to maintain some focus and keep pressing forward. i had three papers ready to read, but i only made it through one of them. i knew that if i tried to read them all, i would be sound asleep at my desk. one was enough. i turned my focus then to my processor design. i was really stumped for a few hours but was able to fix a few mistakes that were a real pain. i feel pretty confident that what i have now is solid, but there is one more instruction i want to add (right now) and some more testing to really show the true colors of the design. the last instruction should be fairly straightforward (*fingers crossed and knocking on wood*). i just have to check for inequality as opposed to equality. but, you never know sometimes. things always seem easier than they are. yes, it is 15 minutes after seven pm, but i am really glad i stayed late to get to this point.

p.s. - thanks for the advice Plez. it really helped me to see things differently.


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