Tuesday, March 07, 2006

just leave stuff alone anthony

ok, so i thought i would be smart and retroactively change the timestamps on my first few blog posts to reflect the correct time here. but, i have managed to screw up all of my timestamps (even the ones that were correct) and now NONE are right. great job me!!!

anyway, as much as i tried to get through the day on a good note, i feel that i have failed miserably. what started out as a good day, quickly sank into a whirlwind of crap. i had to force myself from websurfing BUT i had already read cnn, ajc, nytimes, and a few other news sites about 5 times each. then, the rain came. i needed to go into town and take care of some business, and i tried to wait till the rain stopped. of course, it did not. once i get back to the office after errands and lunch, i find myself trying to be productive, but to no avail. i continued my quest to get my processor design synthesized onto my fpga. this may be the most frustrating thing i have come across up to now. but, i have learned a great deal and now know what not to do in the future in my fpga designs.

ok, so now i will try and finish up my post from last wednesday. sorry for the delay. i guess what i was really trying to say in such a babbling manner was that i just wish people were more genuine and truthful. why is this so hard and how did we get to this point? are we so caught up with image that we are no longer comfortable with who we are? if so, why do we take the easy way out (exaggeration) instead of making positive change? what does this make us as people?


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