Tuesday, March 28, 2006

learning my way around suse 10

not a total convert yet, but i am learning my way around the linux environment. i didn't have too much choice in the os matter because i needed to use some of the acpi modules that come with p4's and windows hides these functions. it has been frustrating having to search the web and ask colleagues for trivial "how-to's" but hopefully it will all fall into place before too long. i guess my big challenge now is to decide what to do from here. i know where i would like to be, but i need to lay out a plan to get there. maybe that is why i have been so frustrated this afternoon. the plan i had initially turned out to be impossible with my current hardware setup, and i did not take the time to think about which direction to head in instead. i was kind of just clicking/typing without a purpose. i need to learn the new os but i also need to be making forward progress. that's the first order of business for tomorrow morning: layout a plan of action.


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