Thursday, March 30, 2006

trying to expand my thoughts

i spent a good portion of today thinking on what exactly i wanted to do with my research. i looked at a specific area and wrote down some ideas to really understand what it means. it was one of those cases where you use words all the time to describe certain things or characteristics, but it is hard to REALLY define what the word means. for example, we all know what a machine is, but how do you define machine? what is a machine? defining the definition is a very important step to understanding how to proceed. it also is crucial in knowing the means to the end. today is one of those few days when i come to the office understanding that this whole phd thing is a PROCESS and takes TIME. i am patient, understanding, and content with taking the baby steps necessary to get where i want to be. i get the most work done when i have this attitude. other days, i come into work expecting to cure cancer with my eyes closed and one hand tied behind my back. maybe once i can start to have more days like this, i can feel comfortable knowing that i have matured a bit and really have become a phd student!!!

p.s. - as if President Bush is not spying on Americans enough already


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